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Architecture & interior design-220m2 modern luxurious model room share!

Every product can also be now a youth, Brilliant but failed to show its brilliance, It is not possible, The side is the right way. Single and repetitive elements, Under the elaborate carving, can also show a different style.


Designer uses different material matching to make functional partition indoors, use simple moving line to draw the outline again, build a clean and relaxed dynamic feeling.

The background wall of dining-room area is the wall of log color, the central table and diningchair are all green department, as if want to break barrier, undertake communication withnature directly.

The layout of the master bedroom is relatively compact, which ensures the indoor comfort and powerful function, provides great convenience for the life of the host and hostess, and also adds a strong atmosphere of life.


Walk down along the winding stairs, the drum of the negative layer is placed in the center of the room, became the most bright eye part, also be a good place for the resident to edify sentiment.

The inner office area is wrapped in dark brown wood, and the full texture makes the working residents more focused.


Negative a layer on the whole gives a person a kind of a bright feeling, there is no that kind of full garden spring scenery atmosphere, more is light and lively.


The height of the negative second floor brings more reverie space, different floors will have suddenly open visual feeling. The fireplace decoration in the corner brings a touch of warmth to the heart of the resident.


The collocation of stone material and wood all shows the atmosphere, that kind of soft beauty and strong combination is generous and decent. Open space gives this area more possibilities.


The height of hollow out and layered type design, enriched visual feeling, let whole room can enjoy the baptism of natural light at the same time.

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