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Architecture & interior design-Sabi wabi wood beauty

This is the latest work of designer Ksenia Bortsova. The house is mainly based on minimalist style. The furniture is made of solid wood and wood color, which is full of eyeballs, creating an ideal fresh and elegant residence.
The living room is surrounded by log walls, and the background is a landscape painting full of artistic conception. The interior scene is really picturesque. The skinny plants and the exquisite illustrations above the wooden table are perfectly matched, adding a lot of vigor and vitality, full of freehand beauty.

The style of another work is fresh and natural. The wood materials used are light-colored. With the reflection of outdoor green plants, the natural atmosphere is very strong, which is simply too beautiful.

The exquisite small round table in the center of the living room corresponds to the wrought iron ring chandelier on the ceiling, adding some trendy elements and highlighting the beauty of mellowness, which is quite harmonious in the fresh and elegant residence.




The bedroom takes the minimalist style to the extreme. Two arched glass windows are designed, which makes the interior have good lighting. The gray bedding is very high-grade, which provides the residents with a sense of comfort. A lot of green plants are placed on the back, giving people a feeling of being in nature.



The third space is more introverted and calm in design, and there are some elements that combine Chinese and Western elements, which are concentrated in this space, in order to make customers feel comfortable and livable.



The background color of solid wood furniture and high-grade gray makes the interior look simple and capable, and the kitchen countertops and appliances are designed to be built-in, which leaves more space for activities.

The dining table is full of marble base, which is a light luxury element in the interior. It is matched with the skinny geometric chandelier above, which makes the space full of fashion, and the overall look is not boring at all.


About.Ksenia Bortsova

Ksenia Bortsova is a famous Russian interior designer. Her works have a strong artistic flavor. She has always been motivated to present the most beautiful things in the hearts of clients. Because she pays great attention to the actual experience of the occupants, her works are more easily recognized by clients.

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