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Compared with the “fireworks” of Japanese style, I am more attracted to the “cooling feeling” of Korean style home furnishing.

The home of Korean bloggers seems to be based on the aesthetics of young people. The hard decoration is very simple, and the soft decoration is also superficial, but it is extremely attractive.

What is the exact description of Korean home style?

I also found that it contains quite a wide range of elements, such as Japanese-style logs, Nordic minimalism, and French-style pastoral…but it just makes people recognize the Korean style at a glance.

In fact, the Korean home style is to use very few things to create a comfortable and relaxing space, a home with a sense of belonging, a kind of “atmosphere beauty” of Korean home furnishing, which tends to be daily practical and simple texture aesthetics of life.

So, today I would like to share with you a Korean-style home design case. The owner is a family of five. The couple have been married for 10 years and have three lovely daughters.

What are their parents like? Not much to say, just follow the editor’s steps and let’s take a look together.


This is a large apartment with 4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms and 2 bathrooms, with an area of about 108㎡, and the number of residents is 2 big and 3 small.


elegant modern furniture
In terms of hard decoration, Korean style is always clear and light.

In this case, the top surface of the wall is clear white, and the floor is covered with beige soft light floor tiles, giving people a calm, refreshing and translucent feeling overall.


elegant modern furniture

The TV wall is also paved with gray tiles, and there is no fixed TV cabinet, leaving the largest space for the three children.

elegant modern furniture
In the choice of furniture, Korean-style furniture is always simple, lightweight, attractive, and durable.

In this case, the homeowner deliberately chose a log-colored coffee table, which is also minimalist in shape, and uses the most original colors of materials to enhance the temperature of the home


elegant modern furniture

Korean-style furniture also pays attention to flexibility, and likes to change the position and style of furniture and decorations.

For those who like to decorate the house, such an approach will definitely resonate, because the enthusiasm for moving furniture and changing the layout will never dissipate.

Turning the home into a “big toy” not only enriches the vitality that a home should have, but also changes people’s mood.

elegant modern furniture

Korean style furniture pays great attention to the sense of ritual. The owner will change the paintings on the sofa wall according to the changes of the four seasons. Although it is only a small change, it is full of beautiful details.

elegant modern furniture

In my mind, Korean-style home furnishing is the real style of “breaking away”, abandoning complex shapes and colorful colors, leaving only real and practical things.

elegant modern furniture

 A large area of blank walls is also very convenient to use a projector.

Instead of sticking to a certain style, it is better to learn the “randomness” of Korean style. When you don’t define the space, the space has infinite possibilities.

elegant modern furniture


royal industries furniture

 In terms of the choice of lamps, Korean furniture also has its own formula. Generally, it is a design that combines Nordic minimalism and medieval feeling. The lines are clean and neat, but very creative.

For example, some mushroom lamps, bud lamps, PH5 chandeliers… this kind of master-level Nordic minimalist style

royal industries furniture
royal industries furniture

  This is a leisure room specially designed by the owner. It has a floor, bookshelves, cabinets, and a sitting table.

royal industries furniture

 The eldest daughter of the owner is only 10 years old. The three children sleep in one room for the time being. The log-colored upper and lower beds look very warm.

royal industries furniture

 On the opposite side of the children’s room are two finished storage cabinets, both of which are the most practical Nordic minimalist style.

royal industries furniture


royal industries furniture

The Korean-style furniture that pursues the beauty of details is especially good at incorporating some kind and natural decorations into the minimalist modern furniture.

It can be vibrant green plants, vases of different shapes, mirrors with unique shapes, stickers, scented candles, simply placed there, it is extraordinarily pleasing to the eye.

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