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“home” here

Black wood veneers on the walls create an ink-painting-like private atmosphere, and a black beam crosses the slanted white ceiling uniquely.
Outside the windows, mountains, forests and the blue sky form diverse pictures. Light and shadow and indoor space and natural environment
seem to be incompatible, but in fact, they complement each other.

The booths beside the dining tables offer the guests another choice. How relaxing it is to savor wine in the changing light.


In the guest rooms, gratings made up of screens and window edges divide the indoor and outdoor scenery into numerous scenes.
The bedroom, the outdoor courtyard with pools, the distant buildings and the mountains are independent yet interconnected.
The guest rooms are mainly decorated with wooden furniture and soft wall paint extending to the outdoors. The dappled tree shadows and
the shimmering pool strengthen guests’ refreshing feelings when they rest in the rooms.
Plain quality furniture and fabric, delicate hanging pictures, and a bamboo lamp show the calm lifestyle. Such an environment makes people
look forward to a drizzle when they can brew a pot of tea under the eaves. Escaping from the cities to this retreat, you can slow down your
pace and spend time enjoying the present. Those neglected and subtle perceptions begin to emerge. Thus, you realize the significance of “home” here.
Scrolling on our mobile phones, we marvel at others’ lives such as walking in the desert, dancing at sunset by the river, and appreciating the
moon in the tree shadows, but it is hard for us to slow down the pace, or even make a cup of tea for ourselves in rainy days. We feel unnecessary
to do these things just because we cannot gain benefits from them.



Mr. Zhou Zuoren once said, “Besides our daily necessities, we must have some useless recreation, so that life can be joyful.”In such beautiful
scenery and such a comfortable place, why not be an idler and do something useless?


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