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La Valeur Positive


Marie Lecluyse from Varehem, Belgium, is an excellent interior designer and a fashion lover. She now has her own eponymous Design studio, Marie Lecluyse Design, where minimalism is a constant theme of exploration in almost all of her work. Marie Lecluyse is good at restoring the inherent nature of space through the complex appearance of things, pursuing adaptability and comfort.

Visually and experiential, as well as stylistically, the interior of La Valeur Positive reflects a natural freshness that fully embodies the designer’s “less is more” design philosophy. The clear functional zoning increases the efficient utilization of space and also improves the comfort of residents. The outdoor green vegetation is used as the natural background of the house and introduced into the interior, thus blurring the boundary between inside and outside.

“Extreme and simple” is often regarded as a synonym for Marie Lecluys, whose unique design techniques are always combined with her keen insight and delicate thoughts. In the design of MR Chuck’s house, her consistent design style is displayed, creating a minimalist and transparent space situation. The level of space is constructed through reasonable materials, while the shape of lamps and the use of color plays a clever embellishment role.

The choice of materials is very important to create the atmosphere of the space. In the house with Volumes And Lines, Marie Lecluyse tried to use light-colored finishes and natural material texture to create a comfortable living environment. The contemporary, modern and simple philosophical nature of the space is a true reflection of Marie Lecluyse’s design symbol and style label.





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