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Modern home interior design case share-ChengDu Wangjiang

After a busy day’s work, home is the place where we relax. The biggest highlight of this architectural space is the endless beauty of mountains and rivers outside the window. With the help of the beautiful scenery outside the window, we put the owner’s hobby of reading books and drinking tea beside the window, so that we can quietly enjoy the different scenery throughout of the year.
The wood grain texture of the left cabinet body of the porch and the decoration of the table are added to improve the level and beauty of the space.

Living room we want to create a diversified space, through the transformation of soft decoration layout, break the restrictions of the original single pattern, re-create the artistic life, break and stand, not only maintain the consistency of the overall space, but also create the independence of individual space.
It constructs an elegant and comfortable space with minimalist lines, calm tone and delicate and diversified material texture. It presents the essence of living space through the design technique of turning complex into simple. It calmly views all forms in reason and writes a quality life full of tension.

From the living room to the tea room, the dialogue between different Spaces is constructed in an interesting way, and the flow and level of the space are strengthened by the transformation. There is a strong collision between color and material between walnut tea table and leather table and chair. From the multi-wheel deconstruction of color symbols and shape elements, the elegant style with no lack of aesthetic commonness is extracted, implicitly expressing temperament and taste.

Soft furnishings with color, texture echo, crisp, but also presents a rational light luxury tone and elegant aesthetic experience.
The apricot and orange two-color dining chairs echo the decorative paintings on the side, and the green plants on the dining table seem to awaken the vitality of the space, creating a very harmonious aesthetic feeling of the space.

Walnut and frosted leather double bed as the main body of the space, there is no heavy ink on the tone of the rendering, is the most classic color system harmony, metal, leather, stone and other elements in harmony, with never outdated neutral color, to deduce a low-key luxury.

The second bedroom abridged complexity, with delicate and soft paving a room at ease. A few words, so that things and form, emotion and scenery interlinked, plain place is not short of fun.

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