NingBo Modern italy villa case-Quiet and Boundless for Life


Modern italy villa case-Quiet and Boundless for Life
All in this little world.


The Living room

A fresh and romantic home, is the love of life, and also the solid harbor against the wind and waves.




The large wooden floor, feeling the warmth and moist.


The right black wall line Outlines the three-dimensional level of the living room. The huge background wall is creatively embedded with a classic sculpture.


The bright orange sofa, the modern fashion style,  is the ideal rest space for the home owners.




The warmth and simplicity are particularly at one with nature

Use some green plants to bring infinite vitality to the space

The interior designers pay attention to natural texture in the selection of materials in order to communicate with nature


The restaurant is an important place for families to have a great meal

The simple elegant black and white pure color to create a warm dining atmosphere.



Daughter’s room


Pink is the main color in the girl’s room.

The bed and bedside table have soft lines.

It has a lovely, innocent feeling, full of pink atmosphere.



Master room

The simple elements in the bedroom, the more relaxing it is.

Comfortable colors make every step of daily life with enough quality.




Each of the protagonists of the family can find their own space here.

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