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Over-the-top restaurant


The restaurant is an upgraded version of Ji Shang, located on the 28th floor of the city’s landmark Ningbo Fortune Center. This building, affectionately called “Corn Building” by citizens, is located by the bank of Yongjiang, where the three rivers converge into the sea, facing the Old Bund of Ningbo across the river. You can not only overlook the prosperity of the urban core, overlook the grandeur of the river into the sea, but also perceive the history and changes of Ningbo port culture.




The fusion of interior and architecture is the best way to generate a spatial magnetic field, but only the interaction with art or nature can awaken the temperament and spirit of the space.
This building that goes straight into the clouds, the high sky, the curved window, and the lights of the city provide infinite inspiration, and also remind the designer of the famous work of the artist Van Gogh – “Starry Sky”. As a result, a large number of arcs are deconstructed, distorted, extended…to link art, culture, city, landscape, space and human perception.





This kind of inspiration is not only implicitly hidden in the plane layout and moving lines of the space, but also explicitly presented on the beautiful display devices of the space, especially the ceiling decoration of the hall. The designer uses rice paper as the creative element and inspiration , through the change of materials, a starry sky unique to the clouds is created on the top of the lobby space.

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