For the couple, freedom, social interaction, and privacy are the most valued features of the design. With this in mind, the design language of the first and the second underground floors fosters communication between family members and get-togethers with close friends.

The design of the kitchen in the living-dining room avoids luxury color schemes. Instead, Wang Rui makes the most of inclusive tones like gray, white, and wood to provide the space with comfortable functionality and unaffected artistry. Her design creates an atmosphere of well-being that allows the family to explore a life of joy.

Natural sunlight converges toward the lower levels of the project. It energizes every corner of the interior, like a source of life. In the light, we look toward the sun and feel its warmth.

The vastness of space is a carrier that allows the interaction between light and shadow. It creates an atmosphere of emotional bonding, the gathering point of a home. Social interaction takes place embraced by architectural constructs, crafting beautiful memories. Here, the surrounding environment and human emotion blend into a creative lifestyle.

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