In the space that after 90 buy houses, designer Kalimulaev Shamil chose delicate interior design, large area white background wall, add minimalist design style, reveal the youth and vitality in the space, satisfy the fashion in the space.

Dining-room and sitting room undertake mutual fusion, the real woodiness floor reveals the authenticity in the space also satisfies the natural feeling in the space, let the space become more comfortable and delicate chandelier makes the whole space become more natural art.

White is given priority to and integral style undertake mutual echo, the wooden desk and chair lets more natural and comfortable satisfy the leisure feeling in the space again.

The soft sofa bed in the bedroom shows the artistic sense in the space, my mat shows his capricious again, the carved background wall highlights the artistic quality of the designer.
The light surface of porch place makes the space more transparent, nature shows the fashionable sense in the space, the design of the same time also and integral style echo.
The color with low saturation in the lavatory can reveal the heart of the designer more, and the soft light on the edge of the chandelier and the mirror also makes the whole space become more warm and natural.
The space that dry and wet separate wash bath area becomes more delicate, the transparent glass of single face also lets the space have certain function, practical also becomes more powerful.
The house is a Russian designer Shamil Kalimulaev, but all of her works are not limited to the traditional design thinking, but the unique design concept has touched the needs of customers, bringing a unique design way.
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