Located in a quiet residential area in the heart of Tokyo, this renovation project is for a luxury condominium at Opus Arisugawa Terrace & Residence. The area is popular among families for its favorable neighborhood, including Arisugawa Palace Park in close proximity.

The living room space facing the open area on the south side in particular had long hours of sunlight, which creates a bright atmosphere. In response to the increasing desire of urban dwellers to reside closer to nature, the space lets in the light to extend well into the inner walls of the living space.

The essences of the interior are embraced by the textures; the slightly white-stained oak floors and walls, and plaster walls cherishing the handwork strokes.

Working together with a team of like-minded manufacturers, who have a shared value and understanding of furniture and its tactile qualities, the craftsmanship comes across in the presence of the space. This is essential in creating a minimalist space with quality and comfort.

Our goal is to design spaces that can only be created by meticulously crafting from the smallest detail to the furniture, resulting in a quiet, comforting, and inspiring atmosphere with little noise, surrounded by natural materials crafted with tactility.


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