The Utrecht Chair, one of the most famous armchairs of the 20th century, was designed in 1935 by the Dutch master of architecture and industrial design –  Gerrit T. Rietveld for Cassina – Cassina – Design Italy – and named after the city of his birth, Utrecht. The iconic double “L” shaped armrest hugs the slightly recluse chair shape, even today, 85 years later, it is still fashionable.

This time, TIKA tries to use denim denim to give a new interpretation to this classic master’s work, paying tribute to the master and the beautiful era.

The 18oz narrow Selvedge Denim is from Okayama, Japan, the mecca of denim. The denim is made from Zimbabwean cotton, dyed using the traditional Japanese indigo rope dyeing process, and woven on one of the few vintage shuttle looms that exist.

The chair cover specially made by the Raw Denim also needs to be manually depulped, brushed and washed by the top washing processing factory in China. After dozens of repeated communication and proofing, ensure that the final product presents the most natural old color effect.

All the above, finally let us produce each cowboy Utrecht chair has a different color effect in the details, each is unique to the user.

In the future, denim will continue to be old, imprinted on the user’s style and experience. A cowboy chair after the formation, the comfort is also impeccable.

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