Qian Zhongshu once wrote in the book: “Greek mystical philosophers have long said that life is just home, going out, and going home. All our emotional, rational and willful pursuits and attempts are nothing but homesickness of the soul. Find a person, a thing, a place, and allow our body and mind to have a home in this vast and indistinct world.” The designer hopes to build a safe haven for two compatible souls, so there is A romantic abode filled with love and anticipation.

March, warm and picturesque. Pushing open the courtyard door, the spring is coming, the sun and the wind pass through the inside and outside, and the residence suddenly becomes alive. This home has witnessed the whole process of a couple of young people from falling in love to getting married to the birth of a child. The design also exudes continuous vitality in the changing family form.

The living room connected to the small courtyard is more like a space for changing moods. The area is small, but it is enough to make people feel extremely happy at the moment of returning home, giving the body and mind enough sense of belonging, and giving it just right when entertaining relatives and friends. The spatial scale and sense of entry ceremony.

Between light and shadow, love floats, delicate and moving memories spread quietly, and the quiet years are right in front of you, real and dreamy.


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