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Staying out of the sun

Atelier10.8 is an architecture practice based in Walterhelm, Belgium, co-chaired by designers Julie Thiers and Henri Van Den Broeke. They are interested in handicrafts and
minimalist aesthetics, and they combine the two to form their unique design style, while focusing on functionality and different owners’ lifestyles, trying to present a beautiful
scene of “light in space”.DK Knokke is a modernist residence in Belgium. Atelier10.8 seeks to express the client’s desire to create a comfortable and warm home environment
through the atmosphere and exquisite details of the space. The use of natural materials with warm tones inside presents a different sense of vitality and tranquility.



A minimalist apartment, Atelier10.8 was commissioned by the owner to complete the renovation. The original balconies were redesigned and arranged so that the various
Spaces in the interior flow and blend with each other. The combination of sofa area and restaurant makes the compact space scale fully used and effectively expanded,
and the wood work in the space in the simple and concise space dizzy with a naturalistic style.







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