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Villa-Fairyland series designed

We used to think of travel as a“Free life”. In the years since the outbreak, however, we have quietly lost this freedom at our fingertips, and instead have been able to travel around the city. This puts the free soul of the city into a kind of caged bird-like identity crisis. But the magic of business is that ideas and trends change quickly, and while you’re fretting that your destination might just be the coffee shop downstairs, design and branding have changed, with its sharp perspective in the city to open up a side of mountains and forests secret, for the city holiday to establish a new spiritual territory.

When the poetic and romantic design expression collides with the mountain valley mystical wild, the architecture is beautiful because of the people, the feeling is rich because of the environment, the design revolves around the people and the nature, gives the traveler the most tender response.

As one of the forest system space system, with the same lush green mountains, the design to more simple and shallow contemporary language for the space to create a relaxed feeling. The selection of furniture and the consideration of color balance the relationship between indoor and outdoor, the space not only makes people slow down, but with thinking stay. Local blue embellishments cleverly echo a more youthful lifestyle, colliding with the fast-paced urban anxiety of the moment and evoking resonance, giving the space a more dimensional social feel.

The architectural structure of the public space gives the space a large mountain view, and the wood-framed lines on the top of the space encircle a diverse social scene. In the thinking of scene borrowing, the design of the ridge with pure materials and lines to form the interest of the scene atmosphere, to sequence space to form the narrative expression of space incisively and vividly.

The courtyard is set among the mountains and is designed to bring out the best of the landscape through a low stone wall. The combination of natural scenery and profound architectural texture, let travelers have a more profound understanding of the relationship between nature, architecture and people.


The large floor-to-ceiling windows of the resort rooms cut the outdoor mountain scenery into movie images. When a traveler enters space, he will naturally settle down, do nothing, look at the distant mountains and the setting sun, and silently look into his heart. For the ridge, the design has never been what skills, but through the understanding of life will be the original appearance presented, re-awaken the heart of the growing dull.

The mountain and the sea have always been inseparable, designers Will Shanhai Pass’s pure and simple, with the most simple contemporary design language into the space. The capricious nature of the climate creates the most romantic picture of Light, Shadow and clouds in Shanhai Pass. People can stretch in the most natural posture, in the space surrounded by mountains and seas, open a more free holiday life

Quiet life and the depth of the spiritual content can not be separated. The open-air Bubble Pool interweaves the daily life and the lofty spirit into a body. Through the simple materials and capable structure, the design hopes to blend the tranquility of the mountains and forests and the vastness of the sea into the space feeling, so that the occupants can experience the relationship between nature and people more intuitively, and feel the difference with the city in daily life.


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