About Us

DIVANY FURNITURE(TEEM LIVING) has been founded, has always been adhering to the “PERSONALITY OF SPACE” concept. Adhere to commitment to customers tailored to have personalized, stylish, comfortable furniture space. The very essence of a unique process of creating a truly interpretation of the perfect combination of design and technology for customers showing a unique visual feast.Extremely home for every purchase of a very furniture to provide professional customers with the program, and supporting the whole house customization services. With the progress of the times, people are quietly changing the requirements of the furniture. Comfort is no longer the standard of home design, distinctive personal signs often can highlight the owner of the unique inner charm. Extreme home provides a professional size customization, rich fabrics, leather, paint color and the choice of wood. So that each customer can enjoy the DIY home happy experience.

Extremely established in 2002, from a simple solid wood processing workshops can be traced back to 1994.
The company from the beginning by the Italian design and traditional handicrafts, is the first batch of the development and production of modern simple style furniture one of the enterprises. As the early domestic consumers of plate furniture and design value of the knowledge is still shallow, very home has encountered market bottlenecks, but the very home of the prospective has finally been recognized by the market, with the aesthetic and values of the people and the world, Very home of the design and products have also been highly recognized by the market. Over the years has also been a very home to adapt to changes in the furniture market, in the continuous development and development of modern style on the basis of has also introduced a distinctive home style of the American style, French pastoral and new Chinese style series of furniture.
Today, a very high home as a high-end furniture brand has become a quality lifestyle and synonymous with excellent quality.