Furniture Learning

130 apartment

This living room is truly captivating. The gradient collocation of wooden ceiling and dark camel sofa makes people feel harmonious, while the gray and white wall in the middle harmonizes the whole space.
From sofas, walls to chandeliers, the color clipping becomes a plane that feels serene.
The curves of the floor lamp and the corners of the wall form an aesthetic picture frame, enhancing the peaceful atmosphere of time.
The overall space is modern and simple, clean and sensual.
The balcony and the living room are integrated, and the transparent and bright light and air come in from the floor-to-ceiling windows,
making people feel relaxed and happy, and the body and mind are dredged.
The designer cleverly used the built-in design, part of the walls became storage cabinets and niches, and the kitchen wall was also turned into a photo frame to remind people of those warm little scenes. The whole space is very simple and elegant, and the balanced color matching is also eye-catching.
Transparent and bright light breaks through all boundaries. The seats in the bar area are made of glass, which is more transparent under the light and forms a contrast with the walls on both sides.
Every corner of the bedroom has been cleverly utilized in order to further expand its utility. The suspended desk can not only be used as a dressing table or a bedside table, but the window sill is also a natural perspective for watching the starry sky and the early morning.

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