Furniture Learning

Small apartment

The designer’s home is simple and vivid. The space is dominated by warm grays, lightly incorporating shaded designs that outline the home’s most intimately soft features. Although the furniture is not much, it is exquisite. Every piece of furniture has become a medium of time, bringing back memories of the family.
In this space, the designer did not pay too much attention to the composition skills of points, lines and surfaces, but integrated emotional symbols into corners and planes. The lazy living room and the simple decoration complement each other, and the furniture is placed naturally and plainly, making it quiet and comfortable.
From the study to the living room to the kitchen, these spaces are connected with each other, and at the same time, invisible partitions are realized with the help of light and shadow contrast. The sofa, coffee table, bar counter and desk with curved outlines are gentle and flexible, showing the truth, kindness and beauty of the space.
At the back of the space, there is a bookcase, which is both slightly exposed and slightly hidden. The designer collected his interests and experience, making this bookcase full of intangible cultural connotations, illuminating every day of polishing his thoughts. There is always a slight discrepancy between designing a home and meeting the needs of customers, but their core purpose has never changed.
In addition, the children’s living area is set up as a double-layer, the upper part is the entertainment room, and the lower part is the bedroom. The two areas are connected by double-moving lines through climbing ladders and slides. The active nature of the children is fully satisfied, and the movement and stillness can be switched at any time here regardless of time.

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