Architecture & interior design-226m2,light luxury home.


This 226-square-meter large flat floor can fully enjoy the view of the river.

The owner of the project is a successful entrepreneur and warm hospitality, so the designer designs more social space in the whole space.


Reasonable spatial layout can improve the comfort of the space, make the space more delicate, and also bring a sense of convenience in the space. The open design can enhance the correlation between different Spaces, and the space becomes natural and harmonious.



More full red reveals the ornament sense in the whole space, gray and white tone makes the whole space become more delicate, at the same time, the indoor red and white alternate shows the vitality in the whole space.





The pan-red choice behind the study set content frame, reveal the delicate in the space, plus the design of the light belt, improve the atmosphere line in the space, let the whole space becomes more comfortable.



Different design styles seem to reveal the exquisite sense of the whole space, and special colors are selected to blend with each other, so that users can feel the designer’s good intentions.

Space merciless and human feeling, space design more respect for the design needs of the space, different design sense in a moment can show the exquisite in the whole space.


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