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Architecture & interior design-light luxirious apartment

The first ray of light shines into the house in the morning, and the beautiful day begins. In the afternoon, the sun is shining brightly. At this time, as long as you close the curtains and rest in peace, the night will come before you know it. The sea is blue and the night sky is full of stars, each of which is an essential element of the apartment.
The white bar is connected with the kitchen and living room, and it is also a partition door, which divides the kitchen and living room well, and the space is more independentThe material is marble, which is restrained and luxurious. 

The area of the restaurant is not large, but it can bring a very good experience. The sea is on the right, and there is no end at a glance. The blue sea and the waves that occasionally rise make people feel the beauty of time. 


The living room is the core area of the whole space. Both the living room and the dining room have beautiful scenery. When the sun is about to go down, the white sofa has the afterglow of the sunset, which is simply beautiful, like a white swan. 




There is one place in the space that is the finishing touch, and that is the fireplace, which is the artistic responsibility in the space. The fireplace and the sea view from the window are not perfect. The charm of the sea and the charm of the space can be felt naturally.



The bedroom also uses three colors, black, white and gray, to perfectly show a distinctive space. The design theme for the bedroom is minimalist, the chandelier is spiral, and the sense of interior art is increased a lot. The green plants swayed under the light and shadow, and then the shadows began to sway. The posture of a single green plant is so charming, making the whole space perfect.





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