Furniture Learning

Olivia Williams

The studio believes that building a good relationship with the client is an important prerequisite for every project, so close communication with different clients is essential. Only by understanding the needs and desires of customers, can we design a truly personalized residence or space, so that they can better love life and enjoy the environment.
Throughout the project, Olivia Williams focused on the integrity of the space while considering the important factors in the individual’s daily life. During this time, they will work with different teams in various fields, from kitchen drawer cutlery, lighting, hardware and bedding, to provide detailed and comprehensive design services for the owners.
Although each project is unique, they share two common themes: source control and the pursuit of ingenuity. From the procurement of materials and furniture, to the commissioning of artists to create works of art for the project, this orientation and control at the early stage has been a key foundation for the success of the project.



Secondly, the spirit of ingenuity has always been another pursuit of the studio. Close cooperation with professional artisans from all over the world can not only ensure the quality of the project, the presentation of details, technical and artistic innovation, but also provide necessary references or unexpected inspiration for the design of the space.

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