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Architecture & interior design-Small apartment, this design is more style!

The apartment was created by designer Natalie Ruden, using black, white and gray with natural wood color to create a sense of luxury. The entire space is created to be classic and harmonious, full of warmth and sense of luxury.
The wooden elements are mostly used in the living room. The floor and walls are all natural wood colors, which shows the warmth of the home. There is no excessive home furnishing, which creates a sense of atmosphere and warmth.




The color scheme of the restaurant is extremely concise, and glass chandeliers are used to create the beauty and artistic sense of the space, thereby enhancing the temperament of the entire space.
The black marble in the kitchen reveals a luxurious atmosphere, and the placement and design of the cabinets are also tasteful.




The color of the bedroom space is mainly white. By using pure white bed sheets and pure white curtains to echo each other, the visual unity is achieved. The storage space of the cloakroom is also in place.






The layout of the bathroom is very delicate, the wall-mounted toilet uses a lot of space saving, and the overall space looks very soft.





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