Architecture & interior design-TL case share



Open the  door

Slowly into the warm harbor

The front is a staircase to the master bedroom on the second floor

The right hand is the living room

The left hand is the open kitchen



Living room

The TV background wall area uses ink stone and wood finishes

The designer TV cabinet is custom-made

The TV wall cabinet extends to the entrance

Fully integrated with the shoe cabinet


The columns are concave in shape

Make the whole space more linear sense


Saddle leather  lounge chair

It is both furniture and decoration


Single-layer white gauze curtain with the warm spring wind gently swing

Combined sofa L – shaped line

Whether it is friends, dinner can interact at any time


Tea room

The tea table is large and simple

Hidden glass partition is used between the kitchen and the open kitchen

Open and close to show the wisdom of lifT




Dark gray custom cabinetry

Calm, quiet beauty



The overall style remains simple

Maximize the use of space

Storage design

Bedrooms and bathrooms are hidden with wood veneers and cabinets




Designers also intimate in the tea room behind the hidden space for

The young master designed a relatively private study space

Designer: Miao Ru

Cooperative furniture brand: Teemliving Group/ Divany furniture/TIKA

Cooperative wood brand: Teemliving Group/ Divany furniture/TIKA

Project location: Tianlu of New Hope, Wenzhou

Project area: 158 square meters

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