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Fiona Lynch

Fiona Lynch is an Australian interior designer who has established her eponymous interior design studio in Melbourne, focusing on the residential,
retail and hospitality sectors. She is a respected designer who has worked on a wide range of projects throughout her early career at architecture
firms such as MGT, John Wardle and Bates Smart.
A private residence with a conceptual and multi-sensory experience, this Melbourne penthouse is outlined through exclusive, customised design considerations and detailed
points, including the work of renowned designers Vincenzo de Cotis and Brodie Neill, which both embody sensually layered materiality, And to draw attention to them.

The proper proportion and configuration of the materials in the house transcends the space itself, with different stone textures and surface touches, handcrafted brass, wood, leather and cashmere fabrics
providing an intuitive spatial feel. The use of contrast between warm colors is also cohesive and creates a neutral vitality.

From the kitchen bench in the open area, the bold form of the kick, to the custom-made bathroom basin carved from a single piece of Wagley marble, to the unique dual
purpose of this residential apartment, the designer has managed to make this home a transcendent embodiment of the everyday material from the very beginning.




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