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This bright art apartment has an area of about 222 square meters. The design team D3 Design believes that bright colors can meet visual needs, express a yearning for life, and create a colorful inner world, which undoubtedly integrates design aesthetics into a new sense of art and fashion.



The spacious living room is a space surrounded by huge yellow and black sofas, and the superposition of light and dark colors gives the space more vitality. The design without the main light greatly enhances the sense of hierarchy of the space, and the white concave-convex wall adds to the texture of the space.


The open restaurant design expands the scope of the public space. Floor-to-ceiling windows are still used, and the blinds are pulled down to provide a sheltering effect, while constructing an elegant and retro atmosphere.



Walking up the stairs from the hallway, you can see the study room and small beds, which provide a resting space for residents who are tired of working. The main color here is dark, which is a good help for the residents to relieve the hard work of the day.


The bedroom adopts a dull gray-black tone, highlighting the high-level texture. The chandelier hanging on the bedside is simple in shape, echoing the overall simple style. The floor-to-ceiling windows are matched with gray curtains, emphasizing the need for concealment and relaxation.


Compared with the bedroom, the bathroom presents a brighter tone, which aims to create a comfortable toilet atmosphere. The pure white bathtub is matched with a few simple bath products to meet functional requirements while creating a sense of open space.

The design of the children’s room uses bright colors to highlight the childlike and innocence. Above the bed is a children’s play area, which provides children with a happy and happy growth atmosphere. The placement of several dolls echoes childishness in details.

In the bathroom in the children’s room, the colorful wallpaper is what catches your eyes. The same dry-wet separation layout combined with a wall-mounted toilet creates a strong spatial temperament in a limited space.

On the other side of the children’s room is the cloakroom of the residents. The spacious and bright space provides residents with a good changing experience. The jewelry cabinet located in the middle seems to be in a store, adding a sense of exquisite life.


About. D3 Design

D3 Design Studio from Moldova was founded by designer Dumitru Martiniuc in 2016. This is a design studio whose foundation is interior design, residential architecture, and commercial interior design. Creating spatial diversification through materials is the design concept that D3 Design Studio has been pursuing. It uses a variety of design techniques to meet various customer needs, and uses diversified color impact to play its own unique charm.

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