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Siguniang B&B

In February of early spring, the city and the plain are surrounded by the atmosphere of spring. However, Xiaojin County, only 200 kilometers away from Chengdu, is still cold
and chill. The famous MT. Siguniang and the primitive forest in the gorge are still covered with thick snow, together with the mountain hiding behind the naive snow, showing
peace, tranquility and auspiciousness. You can enjoy the biting cold and beautiful snow, free-range foals and the wisps of smoke from kitchen chimneys of Jiarong Tibetans…

Those who have driven here from Chengdu for more than three hours, with sudden intensifies of altitude sickness, are silent expect for muffled pants under the thick coats.
Suddenly, a slight commotion breaks the gloom: “Here, here”, and the faces struggle to press against the window.
After the car moving along a snowy winding road, two white three-story buildings relying on each other at a certain angle enter the sight. They are connected by adjoining
aisles, just like flowers in the snow, which connects to the earth stubbornly. At this time, warm orange lights revealing from the small windows bring warm and tenderness.
The whole building features not only the traditional Tibetan style, but also concise and clear characteristics of modern architecture.


This is the Changping Valley of MT. Siguniang, which is known as “Eastern Alps”. And This is the only superb homestay open to the public in MT. Siguniang Scenic Area:
DAINN • MT. Siguniang”, which is the vacation home customized by Chengdu Wanqianji Design Co., Ltd. for the lover of snow mountain and MT. Siguniang!
A few years ago, the most annoying thing during the travel was, “Where will I stay tonight?” So we set our sights on a place called “Hotel”. However, the commercial hotels
and “star hotels” all over the streets did make us full of regret, which is irrelevant to the price, but to the atmosphere, because in such a hotel, we are doomed to be lonely
without kindred spirit!
Fortunately, hotel designers with an understanding of travelers are keenly aware that: due to the choice of life direction, increasingly affluent people have the psychological
expectation that they are not satisfied with sight-seeing and novelty-hunting tourism. “Travel” that goes deep into nature and humanity and “pursues beauty for nature and
life” has become their natural market parts. They need to integrate their life feeling into the travel and combine the lifestyle with traditional life characteristics and living together
with strangers to form a mini and “run-into” circle, so as to socialize and mingle with others sharing similar insights. Therefore, living in the “homestay” becomes their first choice.


“DAINN • MT. Siguniang”, a superb homestay hidden in MT. Siguniang, has such characteristics and temperament of “gathering and parting”!

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