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Dries De Malsche -Pure Definition

Dries De Malsche, founded in 2011, is a Belgian interior design studio focusing on commercial and residential. They take simple and quiet space atmosphere as the design core, in order to achieve a warm home and work environment for the purpose of service, and the specific function and aesthetic standards into exquisite details and human considerations, to create a comfortable, quality life scene.
A minimalist house, Dries De Malsche transformed it into a modern home with fun, warmth and a sense of sustainability. Simple colors, flexible lines and open views are the main features of the space. Designers according to the objective needs and personal preferences of the owners, this simple, simple and comfortable place in the form of a warm home perfectly presented.
The apartment uses wood as the main material of the space to create a natural and relaxed lifestyle. The minimalist design style makes the place clean, transparent and warm. Dries De Malsche uses very few decorative materials to enrich the visual layers, while the embedded design increases the storage space while maintaining the integrity and purity of the house to a certain extent.

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