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Clare Cousins

All of Clare Cousins’s projects reflect on the nature of construction, with a special focus on the sun, wind and site environment.
For the use of materials, in addition to considering its stability, durability, more attention to the aesthetic. He hoped that the building space would be able to meet the living
needs of the residents for a long time in the future, so he paid more attention to how to make it have some flexibility to adapt to the different needs of individual.
The building sits under a towering redwood tree with sweeping views of the surrounding vineyards. Redesigned and transformed by Clare Cousins, the original three cottages
have been transformed into a modern and peaceful resort. The house combines the original style with exquisite details to create a warm minimalist space and a connection to
the surrounding landscape, which is reflected through organic materials.

Aesop’s latest flagship store, located close to the National Library in the historic George Building, combines the spirit of the brand with traditional craftsmanship to create a
commercial space with a distinct modernity. At the same time, Clare Cousins creates a sturdy, vertical and solemn permanence through the study of reference literature and
the reference of neoclassical elements, providing customers with a comfortable space to visit, buy and rest.
The century-old building preserves and emphasizes the history of the original building, while the internal functions are properly updated and improved, and the former
warehouse is transformed into a private residence. An intimate connection is established between the addition and the original, where the structural level of the space
meets the modern material, and while the nature of the building remains consistent, the meaning of the space’s existence is redefined.


The Esplanade is a large volume family home with a planned layout that can be arranged according to practical needs. On a long, narrow site, Clare Cousins was tasked with
making it fit into the Clifton Hill environment. As such, it was a challenging project to respect the heritage of the street while reconciling a sense of order with a sense of family
intimacy, and the result, for the architects, seemed to strike a delicate balance.


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