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Rob Kennon

Rob Kennon Architects is an Australian residential construction studio founded in 2011 by architect Rob Kennon with a range of residential and commercial projects focused on sustainable planning and consideration of heritage conditions.
Ackmans House, a converted warehouse originally built in the 1960s, is an integral part of the Fitzroy industrial area. The transformation of the project marks a permanent change in the shape and nature of the building, thus inheriting the original historical heritage of the building became the main design principle. To ensure a coordinated and unified integration between the old and new buildings, while highlighting the richness and value of the element symbol and the site environment.


In keeping with the authentic state of the warehouse walls, the building returns to its original form, rearranging the space within the existing envelope to create a place with independence. In order to balance the linear form of the warehouse, a new interior layout is established through the form of curves to clearly define different concepts of time and space. The visual layers presented by the black finishes give the house a unique sense of separation and immersion.


The composition of the structural form and a series of open-plan enclosed gardens explores the concept of the house’s recessive architectural form as a special way of life that is perfectly integrated within the existing architectural heritage. The architects relate the living and aesthetic needs of the contemporary family to the exterior, while emphasizing the importance of outdoor Spaces to improve livability and internal emotional experience, thus creating a balanced and calm residence.




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