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Casa Tulum

Located in Tulum, Mexico, Casa-Tulum, like Zozaya Arquitectos’ other works, has the advantage of being on a mountain and on the sea, and the architecture blends with the natural environment, where you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset over the sea. Taking into account the rainy climate, all the buildings are built in the most typical and traditional form of sloping thatched hut, which reduces the noise of rainfall and allows rapid drainage, while reducing the heat of summer and improving the overall comfort of the house.

Zozaya Arquitectos gave all the walls a tone that is characteristic of the local architecture and culture. The aim was to make the building blend in with the environment. Circular columns are widely used in residential buildings. The special historic and traditional, classic thatched houses complement each other, which not only can be well integrated into the building structure, but also can play a role in softening the vision.



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