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Colin King

Colin King, the stylist of choice for the world’s top brands or publications, has redefined contemporary American design style in his own way. With the establishment of Colin
King’s studio, he officially entered the industry of interior design, and now he is involved in product design. Design practices in different fields lead him to a broader world,
expressing “a dancer’s understanding of static force” from beginning to end.
Colin King first studied dance in New York City and then moved into interior design due to his love of creative arts. Later, while working for a design company, I was responsible
for the main content creation and art direction of projects.



He has always been full of curiosity about everything, efficient execution and ability to capture the essence of things, as well as identify the strength of objects and their nuances.
This experience broadened his understanding of visual narrative, thus transforming the forgotten things of everyday life into objects worthy of constant attention.


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