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Workshop APD was founded in 1999 by Matt Berman and Andrew Kotchen to design and develop luxury residential and high-end commercial projects. Never limited by
project type or single aesthetic orientation, they provide original, innovative and intelligent solutions that integrate the concept of sustainability into their iconic design
symbols that are consistent with the expectations of the owners, poetic and style
The interior of this modern duplex apartment on New York’s Central Park West was made alive and interesting by Workshop APD, which functionally meets the needs of the
owner, his wife and three teenagers in their daily family life, while creating a spatial context that fits the contemporary aesthetic.
living room furniture


meeting room furniture

light deciration
Workshop APD’s ingenious design helps frame and connect to the natural beauty of the urban park outside the home, while the public and private Spaces are structured around
a light-permeable quartzite cube. In addition to pursuing exquisite details in the residence, the studio uses luxurious materials, pastel colors and bold art collections to create an
exclusive, customized private space.
office furniture

hotel furniture

home furniture


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