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Laura Calleeuw

Laura Calleeuw is a passionate interior designer in Belgium who founded her eponymous design studio in the area, focusing on residential and commercial space design.
In the design practice of different projects, she constantly explores the interaction between lines, trying to present a richer design language with the least decorative techniques.


The use and expression of lines and lines creates different perspectives, relationships between objects, a sense of space and a sense of atmosphere shaped by nature
in the architectural form. As internal and external links continue to strengthen, so that these complementary elements have a positive effect.
Once this principle is established, Laura Calleeuw uses her boundless creativity to inject a distinct personality into each piece. As a result, she has found a balance
between aesthetics, function and personality, so that even complex projects can derive a sense of simplicity, refinement and serenity from the overall concept.

Laura Calleeuw adheres to a serious and responsible attitude towards different projects, and fully participates in the process of design, construction and implementation.
All material choices and design details are carefully considered before being implemented, while at the same time, she creates a functional, aesthetic and practical living scene
based on the objective needs of the client.




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