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Everyone has a different idea of home, Perhaps prosperity, Maybe it’s roomy, Maybe it’s happiness, Beyond these basic expectations, There may be other sensory needs as well, Like a beautiful abstract painting, Everyone feels differently, Let art into life.

Home is a place full of fireworks, should satisfy our life needs, a comfortable place to relax the mind. The dining room area becomes the transition area of the whole home. The dining table and dining chair are exquisite and beautiful, and they are perfect from all angles.





The layout of the living room is spacious and bright, the matte light blue becomes the main background of the interior, with beige cloth sofa and carpet. Such colour collocation DOES NOT HAVE WHAT LIFE breath, resemble FASHIONABLE place MORE. A variety of decorations on the shelves animate the interior.




The design of children’s room is also tailor-made, princess room is pink and white alternate background pattern, rice white senior bed is tasted, provide good sleeping condition for children. The boys’ room is more of a starry theme, with galaxy decorations on the walls and astronaut-shaped decorations hanging on the sides.




the design of the master bedroom is neat and symmetrical, with a large milky leather bed in the center, paired with two delicate nightstands. both sides are dressing room and powder room, the translucence glass that uses longitudinal grain in the meantime does partition, such design gives a person to flutter shuo leaves the feeling of fan, while protecting privacy, still added a touch of mystery for indoor feeling.






the design of the study pays attention to functional function, do not have flourishing adornment, onefold colour can stimulate the attentional force that reside more. fine desks and chairs are placed in french windows to get better lighting conditions.








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