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Architecture & interior design-172m2,light luxury model room, with The Times of the design!

Different shades of the same color, With varying degrees of emotion, can also produce different effects, This tests the designer’s approach, How to use the different colors of the same color system in the appropriate area, And does not affect the overall beauty, It is also a kind of visual enjoyment.
The most prominent feature of this project is that many insignificant places show an advanced sense of the whole space, so that life is also full of a sense of ceremony, laying a good foundation for the quality of life. The grey-black soft-bag seats are paired with the orange walls to create a sharp contrast.

The display of the living room reflects the spirit of the craftsman exquisitely carved incisively and vividly. The first is the sculpture of the fallen angel shape, and the lifelike appearance is like coming out of film and television works. Every object in the exquisite shrine is worth looking at.

The interior of the bedroom is contracted and fashionable, the orange-red background wall and the light color department give a person a positive psychological hint, and the color of the warm color department makes the indoors appear sweeter. The Buddhist shrine hanging on the side wall is very novel, the narrow margin makes the overlooking not occupy any space, and can display records, albums, or books to meet the amateur interests of the residents.


The theme of the boy’s room is the planet theme, the bedside table, and pillow are printed with the planet theme color, and the blue and off-white planet makes it difficult for every boy to look away. After the transparent glass cabinet, door inside is a huge cloakroom, convenient for the child’s daily life.



The second apartment is profound, is connotation, is intriguing. Print is a variety of different shades of blue, some of them like the blue sky, some like the blue sea, and some like royal blue crystals, different forms of expression are a fascinating imagination.





The area of the dining room and kitchen changed to another kind of relatively mild color department, tie-in a lot of leaves white, leaving the space of more daydreams for the resident. The dining-room with an open mode of the circular integral kitchen, broke the shackle of the space, increases the contact feeling between each other also won’t too loose.


To show girl heart in daughter room, stylist combines this space with pink department, gorgeous pink is too grandiose also do not suit a child, because this light pink became the best choice. Indoor eyes full of light pink, and soft bedding products to give children the best environment.



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