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Architecture & interior design-The modernist house

Designed by interior design studio Oni Architects, the apartment has a total area of 180 m2. Apartment overall selection of a large area of warm gray tone, the overall pursuit of clean and pure minimalist style, creating a refined and high-grade space atmosphere.

Living Room is open design, choose low saturation light wood color, wood brown as the main color, white cloth sofa laid space, the overall fresh natural tone. Blanket is placed at will, echo with the white of space, the color of wooden floor and sofa, throw pillow collocation is harmonious and unified, increased integral space qualitative feeling.


The kitchen chooses dark wood color and light gray as main match color, island desk uses white stone to match Brunet desk and chair, appear advanced and natural. The metal chandelier above the dining table is full of design sense, creating a simple and industrial sense of space.




The warm color light in the bedroom sets off the delicate, luxurious and warm atmosphere in the space. The adornment of the head of the bed softens the space, added breath feeling, alleviate the exhaustion of householder one day. Light Gray color scheme and overall color tonal fusion, exquisite pattern carpet built harmonious and comfortable light luxury atmosphere, make whole bedroom harmonious atmosphere.


The toilet is located in the flank of bedroom, choose transparent glass to undertake partition, dry and wet separate, model the sense of open space. The black stripe design makes the space have the depth feeling more. Brass Walls and round chandeliers echo the sink, simple and delicate.



Whether it is the design concept, or to deepen the design, material selection, they have mature experience, to meet the needs of customers, combined with contemporary aesthetics, to create a minimalist modern housing.
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