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Aesthetic space design | space of love

The left hand of the door is the entrance to change shoes area, a mirror to the end of the space transparent sense, so that the space feels comfortable and transparent. In order to enhance the interaction of the space, the kitchen uses a sliding door with long iridescent glass. It allows dialogue and interaction between two different Spaces.
The design of the restaurant uses natural materials, with the most soft colors, the most real texture, to express the most simple life. The chic chandelier creates a comfortable and elegant dining environment.


The dining room is designed on the edge of the living room to make a whole guest dining room. The simplicity and purity of the restaurant area, like the temperament of the owner himself. Meals and life, because of the true, because fundamental, so simple.
The living room is not complicated decoration, nor gorgeous modeling, but it presents a unique sense of beauty, so that life returns to the original plain. Pure space makes people calm and relaxed, remove impetuous, and return to the essence of life.


Open views, plenty of sunlight, and unobstructed views of the outdoor garden. It not only strengthens the dialogue relationship between indoor and outdoor space, but also makes the home space appear more fresh and natural.

A full moon and a good book, can spend a pleasant leisure time.
The window in the chair position was changed after we deliberately pushed down the wall during the design. The outdoor garden is full of light. With the change of light, the interior is swept by the warm sunshine.
The desk is separated from the main bed body, which seems to increase the sense of beauty of the space.
Bedroom design adhering to the uniform tone, no superfluous decoration pile up, a large bed, a wooden wall, as well as the mottled dreamlike light and shadow interweave, to decorate the quiet atmosphere is very attractive.
Home is not only a place to dwell, but also a harbor for the soul. The client’s daughter is studying in Beijing, and what the client cares most about is her room when communicating about the house plan. Although my daughter is flying further and further away because of her study and work, we feel the deep love for her as parents in the process of communication, which also makes us double our efforts in the design of the scheme. To convey love through the hand of design is one of the happiness of a designer.

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