Live calmly and wait for the good. The process of waiting is also joyful, because life, isn’t it just a series of expectations? In the four seasons of three meals in the morning and evening, writing the ordinary daily life of fireworks is the direction of the heart and the direction of the body.
Open the space and reset more possibilities. The designer opened up the walls of the master bedroom and bathroom, dining room and aisle, optimized the life flow, expanded more activity space, made the overall space transparent and full of interest, and conveyed the beauty of life with the beauty of space.
Large area of blank space design and progressive hierarchy
Presenting just the right simplicity to overcome complexity
Minimalist black leather sofa with gray tone carpet
Concise space texture
Integrated design of guest restaurant
Unlock more possibilities for space usage
Colorful textured stone facade
Minimalist style dining table and chairs
Romantic and warm flying saucer chandelier
Spread the soft and quiet atmosphere into the space
clear space texture
The warm atmosphere of logs lingers in the residence
simple colors in the interior
Harmoniously matched with the natural light pouring in naturally
Create a comfortable and pure rest atmosphere
Also enjoy a different sleep experience in one breath
Low Saturation Color Design
Quiet and calm wooden elements
Construct the beauty of static harmony
Childlike astronaut elements in the space
Lively floor lamp shelf
A desk that grows with children
Enriches the spatial form with the meaning of tranquility and kindness

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