In this four-story stacked villa with a building area of about 180 square meters, how to satisfy various functions and achieve a balance between space improvement in a space with a single floor area of less than 60 square meters is the starting point of this project

The style is not rigid, simple but exquisite, and the presentation of details is an important factor affecting the quality of life.

Fresh and soothing colors, supplemented by clear glass, are decorated with surface, in the soft color matching and the pause of time flow, it highlights the texture of the space.


In the hustle and bustle of the city, the family sits around and forms a dialogue with the well-designed space layout. You can have a lazy afternoon tea, o

r immerse yourself in the influence of books, and then the years will pass and the warmth will live.

A person, a cup of tea, quiet in the heart, happy to taste, the delicate texture of the log cabinet, warm wooden floor, comfortable and gentle in the soft scene, so that the space is full of freedom and the temperature of growth

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