This minimalist apartment covers an area of 97 square meters and was designed by Moscow-based design studio Quadro Room. The designer chose low-saturated tones as the main color of the house to establish a modern and simple style. The simple and neat shape of the furniture highlights the geometricalism of modern minimalism. It does not use too much decoration to restore the original appearance of life.

In the living room, the designer chose simple black, white and gray color as the main color of the space to create a three-dimensional space that is high-class and calm. The L-shaped light gray fabric sofa is matched with a black double-layer circular coffee table, creating a pure and concise sense of space. The large floor-to-ceiling windows ensure sufficient light in the space while also giving people a bright visual experience.

The dining room and the kitchen are located in the same area. The semi-open design ensures the smoothness of the space and makes full use of the not-wide public space. The black island table is connected with the light beige dining table, forming a strong contrast in color. The black background wall at the rear balances the white tones in the space and achieves the over and neutralization of tones.

In the master bedroom, the designer chooses metal materials and warm colors as the colors in the space to add warmth to the living space. The white bedding is comfortable and fluffy, creating a warm and comfortable living environment. The marble behind the bed combined with the wooden wall makes the whole space present a light, luxurious and low-key texture.

The bathroom as a whole presents a concise and capable design style, and the lighting embodies the atmosphere of full lines and shows the beauty of modern minimalism. The bright light makes the space appear more layered, and the exquisiteness and elegance are easily presented.

Quadro Room is an interior design studio co-founded by Anastasia Romana and Alyona Zlachevsky in Moscow, Russia. They focus on designing private residential projects. Their main theme is: Only in a flexible space can a harmonious creative project be realized.

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