Furniture Learning

197㎡ Daping floor

A quiet and deep home should be able to witness the years of struggle, quietly reflect the life experience, and at the same time record the future time with a pen, just like the words of Mr. Zhou Guoping, the best state of life is: rich and quiet.
The large area of wooden elements creates a deep background, and the scenes about life frame by frame are slowly overflowing, with vivid tranquility. In the customary expression of color, unusual details and visual experience are used to outline the beauty of the unity of spirit and form.
We go all the way with the ideals of life, and we still pause a little because of the passage of time. In the gap of time, slowly face up to the long-lost peace and love for the world in my heart. Entering the living room, the whole feeling is refreshing and comfortable. The clear moving lines and the interactive spaces that can be seen everywhere make the home truly liveable.
The beauty of life is a kind of leisurely contentment that is in line with the nature. The residence is like a person, and inner care and quality pursuit are indispensable.
Light, shadow and color are elements that can be interpreted without any effort. The light and shadow changes at different times of the day, through the floor-to-ceiling windows, directly into the house. The natural light interacts harmoniously with the indoor lighting, and produces a wonderful chemical reaction with the color texture of the space. The real beauty does not need to be deliberate, and the high-value home is also more charming because of the real.

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