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200㎡ Minimalist Residence

Stepping into the space, the cold temperament instantly makes people perceive their inner world. The place is so peaceful and gentle, the gray tone is playing the movement gently, and the wide field of vision opens up the hearts of the visitors. mirror.
The dining room and the kitchen are adjacent to each other. The kitchen chooses white as the basic color. The purity of white brings out the beauty and hope of daily life, while the dining room uses wood color as the main color. The purity of the wood color also evokes people’s appetite.
In addition to the white decoration, the living room also has black decorations. The black island is at the end of the living room. It seems to be an inconspicuous place, but it can give people an infinite sense of relaxation. The cello on one side adds to the life. A lot of fun.
Looking at the layout of the entire home, the whole is very coordinated, and the emptiness in the space can directly make people feel the power of the design. When we slowly walk into each space, we can always feel the gentle power of the design, nourishing our tired body and mind.

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