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Arichitecture & Interior design-154㎡ Villa

Karelina and Marianna are two top students at Kiev State University of Technology and Design. This team was formed by them and their partners. It took four years to handle more than 20 projects. The design inspiration is very young and the inspiration is integrated into it.

The log style space always gives people the impression of peace and nature. Today, we introduce such a log style villa. With the help of space design, the designer created a kind of elegant and beautiful effect.
In the space of 154 square meters, the designer creates a very beautiful visual effect through reasonable space division. The high design makes the space very open.



The design of the kitchen area is fashionable and elegant. The use of log elements creates a warm feeling of home.


In the master bedroom, the use of marble material is a major feature. Large area of log cabinets provide users with rich storage space.


For the wall part, the designer has just adopted the fog treatment, which adds the texture of the space.


In the cloakroom, the space is reasonably divided. Clothes are displayed in an orderly manner so that users can easily access them.

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