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Habitat aesthetics

GP Design, with the mission of researching “habitat aesthetics”, brings art into the site to bring a new community space that integrates the visions of the East and the West to Yanziji block in Nanjing. experience value of the area.
Taking green ecology and human-plant interactive experience as the exploration direction, create an immersive experience space with a sense of nature, and shape new memories of the city and check-in coordinates of Internet celebrities. The transparent and open space maximizes the advantages of the environment and architecture, and the scale is smooth and open. The color of the soft decoration is simple, try to leave blank, and use the details to create a rich sense of experience.
The olive tree in the center of the vision symbolizes peace, victory and hope. It expresses the tenacious fighting spirit with strong vitality, just like everyone who goes upstream in life.
The courtyard, the spiritual extension of the inner world.
The nude texture exudes a sense of tranquility and healing.
Looking back at the prosperity and loneliness of the city, although steel and concrete can accommodate our bodies, it is difficult to hide our longing for simple sunlight and fresh air deep in our souls. The refined shape and color scheme guide residents to focus on the green outside the floor-to-ceiling windows and quiet thoughts, enjoying a moment of tranquility.

Leather, fabric, metal, stone, woolen, etc., the collision of various and rich materials conveys a sense of superior quality and outlines the pursuit of a better life. The sunlight flowing on the body, the silence and the gurgling flow, also have profound meanings.

Smooth moving lines endow the space with an oriental image of a garden. Through the transition of colors, enter the calm and dignified multi-functional composite space. Create a free and comfortable atmosphere, suitable for both movement and stillness, and the book bar, tea bar, and waiting area are staged together.
Art is melted into exhibits, pillow patterns, table flowers and other objects, subtly stimulating new life imagination, and warm and brisk conversations unfold here
The parent-child interaction area respects the scale of children, and creates an ideal community with emotional care and rational creation of parent-child life through artistic installations that stimulate imagination, hoping that the new generation will grow up in the nourishment of love and beauty.
The annual ring of the times, the vortex of art.
It seems that the bass key has been pressed, giving off a quiet rhythm.
The VIP room is different from the public space, showing a sense of history with a little cultural accumulation. The artwork on the wall and the ink strokes on the pillow complement each other, embodying a sense of respect in the deep sense of color.
Elegance runs through every corner, and the artistic atmosphere continues to the details of the dressing room. The soft decoration materials are combined with oriental charm in terms of color, material and shape, highlighting the elegant temperament. The low-hanging light is reflected in the mirror, and the line light source on the ground sets off a peaceful and soothing atmosphere. Through the creation of exquisite life experience, it reflects the meticulousness of the future service of the residential area.
The aisle rest space, as a place to stop, is also infused with a sense of artistic power, quiet, not restless, not noisy. The artistic lamp installation that carries the emotions and complexes of the space experiencers makes people imagine. The historical charm reflected by the hanging paintings in the background directly points to people’s hearts with the meaning of Zen Buddhism, which makes the furniture add the halo of the story, and the poetic flavor is born from this.

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