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Hangzhou luxury house

There are a total of 153 square meters indoors, and the house type is fair and symmetrical, which is very advantageous. But the real test for designers is how to keep things from being less cluttered when all the elements are pouring into the same space.  The open space is too monotonous without embellishments. The designer started with the ceiling, using black lines to outline the overall space, and some lines even hide the light strips. It can be said that every detail is there.




The indoor custom-made magnetic track light is relatively long, 20 meters long, beautiful and practical. Ordinary chandeliers are time-consuming and laborious to replace. The most important thing is that the light area is very limited. This magnetic track light does not have these shortcomings. It can not only be repaired and replaced at any time, but also adjust the position, which is very convenient.






The study room is not big, but it has a great atmosphere for reading. The side windows look very delicate and can bring sunlight into the room, and the green plants are full of vitality, which is very energetic at first glance. The single desk can be used for both work and reading, and the sofa next to it has a small window, so residents can take a nap here in their spare time.

The overall background of the bedroom is off-white, and a layer of sound-proof cotton is pasted on the wall, which can not only protect the privacy of the residents, but also reduce the noise disturbance, so that the residents can have a better sleep quality. The custom-made wardrobe on the opposite side is one-piece, and the embedded design is closely connected with the back of the bedroom door, which saves space, is beautiful and very atmospheric.


The boy’s room is relatively simple, with simple and capable interiors, and does not require too much decoration. Children have more space to rest, and the emphasis is on comfort. The rich indoor models, figures, sculptures and two-color curtains can effectively stimulate children’s imagination and creativity, so that children can grow up healthily.




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