Belgian architect Pieter Vanrenterghem is known for his exquisite and aesthetically pleasing designs. He pays special attention to creating subtle visual layers and expressing personal symbols through elegant interiors. I do not want to set up my studio just to produce a “beautiful portfolio” to design the house but to create a comfortable and pleasant living place for the residents.
Chair, leisure sofa, table.
Located on a slope within a sand dune on the southwestern coast of Belgium, MB Residence sought to create a residence that blends in with the surrounding landscape, so the final appearance of the residence is more like an extension of the shoreline. Given the long-term nature of the house, its design and layout had to be carefully considered to ensure that the house could adapt to their growing and flexible living needs in the future.
The ground floor is equipped with a garage, entrance, laundry room and children’s suite; The ground floor common area features an open kitchen and living area with access to a patio and swimming pool;
The second floor is the parents’ lounge space, equipped with a spacious master bedroom with a walk-in closet and a luxurious bathroom. Shuttling through different floors, natural light and coastal views penetrate into different Spaces at different angles. Supply the different, individual and necessary area for all kinds of indoor activities.
Defined by the designers as “an oasis of tranquility away from the big city”, this two-storey family home is filled with simplicity and warmth, while being interpreted by a variety of crafts and natural materials. The dominant height, larger-than-usual volume and abundant natural light make it a coherent interior space, a seamless transition between each other, giving the place a contemplative yet peaceful atmosphere.
All kinds of furniture and deisgn can be provided from our furniture factory. If you have ideal furniture design, welcome e-mail us and communicate with us. We will try our best to offer you the best furniture and designs with our 20+ years professional team.

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