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Studio HBA x Sunac | Step into the corridor of time and explore the melody of the city

The designer hopes to introduce skylight through the red ceiling, so that the interior design can be combined with natural light to form more textures of light and shadow.
The richness of nature itself has been truly obtained, there is a state in the stillness, and the space seems to have life.
The space is softly integrated into art, melody, and reading quality life experience, like a coffee music gallery, multi-dimensional space as one.
The design of the negotiation area takes into account the elements of the coffee bar, the overall atmosphere is more endowed with affinity and the design and quality of the pursuit of details, and the combination of soft and hard decoration gives people a feeling of being at home. The design language of the overall space is still to explore the sense of spatial composition of large areas.
The music cultural and creative products displayed on the long table are injected with cultural texture, depicting the exquisite quality of modern urban life. Sit down and talk under the mottled tree shadow, forming a unique immersive atmosphere experience.
The warm and cold collocation of soft clothing, the combination of metal and fabric leather, highlights the quality in the details.
The sound of clinking glasses of coffee and wine reappears on the window lattices in Wuhan to write new revelations, and it is a place to relax mentally, physically and spiritually.
Describing the character and attitude of the modern avant-garde, the simple wooden bar chair combined with artistry is designed to create a warm and harmonious art space, which embodies the place where people and people, people and space, connect, help each other, and exchange emotions, thereby creating value. Walking into it is like encountering a coffee corner full of surprises, where you can enjoy a moment of exquisite life.
The water bar area pays attention to the aesthetic feeling of geometric block collocation, removes too many hard decorations, uses light, soft decoration, and local colors to heighten the space atmosphere, and also takes you to realize the freedom of “day coffee and night drink”.
Light and shadow meet composition, classic and avant-garde coexist. The aesthetic philosophy of the past collided with the modern consciousness again, leaving a unique landscape in the city.
The diamond-cut surface reflects the surrounding scene, which is similar to the architecture of the building, and integrates a high-level and open sense of dialogue into the negotiation place.

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