Furniture Learning

The Modern Simple Home


The simple layout of the living room makes the whole space more profound. It seems that you can see the time slowly in the empty space. It seems that at this moment, the years are in front of you, and life is in front of you.



The color in the living room is simple and generous, but simple is not equal to simple, the size of the color block, layout, patchwork, these are not negligible details. The living room is integrated with the balcony. The wind from the balcony instantly softens the space, and the sunlight from the balcony brightens the warm space.



The bar area is located behind the white tulle curtain. The hazy feeling of tulle naturally makes the whole bar look more graceful and unpredictable.



The bedroom is light enough, the area is also large enough, in the spare space can occasionally practice yoga, wood tile floor continues to the background wall half, showing the advanced.



The mirror in the toilet is like a moon, and like a jade plate, from different starting points can always see the different mirror.


In this space, you can feel the slow life like curling smoke, you can feel the romance of fuel, rice, oil and salt, and you can also feel the sound of the year round. In ordinary days, home can always create a variety of romance, and you can always perfectly meet every person who lives with your heart!






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