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TIKA Furniture Showroom-YANTAI showroom

TIKA furniture, with its simple and restrained scene, elegant home atmosphere, attract us to take a look. The creation of the environment also highlights the extreme pursuit of “home” space.





We have been adhering to the people-oriented design concept, continuous innovation, committed to providing high-quality modern life style. When the consumption structure upgrading and increasingly diversified lifestyle began to gradually change the consumption consciousness, our innovation and excellence are more perfect in line with this trend.




The international and innovative series of furniture is imperceptitiously leading the cognition of a more cutting-edge lifestyle, and sparing no effort to deeply explore the future more healthy, comfortable and artistic life scene.











Design begins with people and ends with people. “People-oriented” product design concept consistently throughout the product research and development ideas, art, practical, durable furniture products won the market praise.


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