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Two Person Apartment, Full of Sense of Luxury!

With an area of 76, was jointly designed by Vladislav Kyslenko, Natalia Ruden, and Sofiia Melnyk. It focuses on modern minimalism and pursues a dark space that is delicate and refined.

Floor plan

The owners are a young couple who have special feelings for the texture of wood and like a calm and fashionable tone. In the living room space, a large number of dark natural wood grain finishes are used, which is simple and elegant. The island table and dining table are integrated. This is not only a place for dining, but also the best choice for leisure. The spherical chandelier is very eye-catching.

The overall atmosphere of the bedroom is heavy, with quiet and restrained black as the keynote, and rough stone as the bedside background, creating a natural style for the interior, full of tranquility and tranquility.


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